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Deploying Flash P2P app on Facebook

October 14th, 2009

The magic of P2P apps is definitely their distribution and deployment. In this article we are going to deploy our Stratus P2P Flash video-chat to Facebook using Facebook ActionScript API and fingerprint exchange service in PHP and MySQL.

This article is a follow-up of my Adobe MAX 2009 session: Social Media Experiences with Flash Media and RTMFP.

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Play video while download in AIR (FileStream and ByteArray)

August 6th, 2009

Adobe Media Player (powered by AIR) has great progressive download cache functionality for video files - when you start watching a video it begins to download it to the disk, so you can watch it afterwards and don’t have to download it again.
Adobe Media Player Downloading Video

In other words, you can play videos, which are not completely downloaded. In this tutorial, we will show how to implement this in AIR.

Such functionality can be implemented using FileStream class (not using FileReference) as FileStream can write to some place on the disk without asking via dialog for location to save.

Play while dowloading video in AIR
Download and try final AIR app

I have created class, which you can easily reuse for this purpose.

continue reading for source and explanation…

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SharedProperty - AFCS best practices

July 8th, 2009

SharedProperty is very useful class in Adobe Flash Collaboration Service, which simplifies all data sharing and shared data binding. The core of SharedProperty is based on CollectionNode.

If you are familiar with Flash Media Server - SharedProperty is similar to Remote SharedObject, however you can’t define function on SharedProperty - on SharedObject you can.

Common use cases for SharedProperty in Collaboration apps:

  • - shared parameters of components (size, zoom/scale, position, scrolling)
  • - shared text selection
  • - shared mouse position
  • - shared radio button toggle
  • - shared location/navigation
  • - everything you want to make realtime changeable by others
  • - and more…

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P2P with Adobe Flash Collaboration Service

June 3rd, 2009

Maybe you are asking, what is the main difference between core Flash P2P done by yourself and P2P implementation in AFCS.

- RMTPS refers to TCP hub-and-spoke only centralized communication via FMS CDN of AFCS
- RTMFP refers to UDP P2P (peer-to-peer) connections between N clients (not only 2), but is also suitable for hub-and-spoke


1. How can I setup AFCS to use P2P?
First you need to use afcs.swc library from Player10 folder and then you need to change protocol of AdobeHSAuthenticator -> auth.protocol=”rtmfp”; (instead of default auth.protocol=”rtmps”;) AFCS will try to establish connection using rtmfp. If connection cannot be established using RTMFP, it falls back to RTMPS.

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