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Adobe User Group Czech Republic
is one of the biggest in Europe

October 26th, 2009

I know that not every user group is maintaining their members and flow on Adobe Groups. Although I see big success of enormous effort done by folks in Czech Republic, where I am based.

Adobe User Group Czech Republic is currently sixth biggest user group in Europe according to Adobe Groups website with 150 registered members.

Adobe Groups Europe
(AUG CZ - 6th from left with Czech flag)

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LiveCycle Collaboration Service Pricing

October 21st, 2009

Adobe Flash Collaboration Service (formerly CoCoMo) is now Adobe LiveCycle Collaboration Service

LiveCycle Collaboration Service evolution (LCCS)

LCCS also introduced new pricing model. I am really excited that we are now opening this service as commercially available.

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Deploying Flash P2P app on Facebook

October 14th, 2009

The magic of P2P apps is definitely their distribution and deployment. In this article we are going to deploy our Stratus P2P Flash video-chat to Facebook using Facebook ActionScript API and fingerprint exchange service in PHP and MySQL.

This article is a follow-up of my Adobe MAX 2009 session: Social Media Experiences with Flash Media and RTMFP.

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P2P Multicast in new Flash Player 10.1

October 7th, 2009

Tip, READ about details of Multicast in FP 10.1:
Multicast Explained in Flash 10.1 P2P

As all of you probably registered - Adobe has announced new Flash Player 10.1 at Adobe MAX L.A. with tons of new features including new RTMFP possibilities.

Currently in Flash Player 10, we had RTMFP support for end-to-end P2P connections only, which is enough for 2 peer communication, but when you want to establish more complex connections (3 or more peers) - it just gets too complicated.

P2P Multicast in Flash Player 10.1
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Quick blog update

October 1st, 2009

Hey folks,

just a quick blog update - I am alive! Touring among universities, schools and conferences. It’s been quite busy days, tuning-up my MAX sessions - but in near future I will bring more articles focused mainly on P2P and Social Media - integration P2P/realtime apps with Facebook + we will dive together into Flash Platform Services in connection with realtime data. Flash Platform Services is huge topic and in connection with magic word ‘realtime’ forms neverending possibilies.

Stay tuned and I will get back to you after Adobe MAX L.A.

Btw: watch MAX keynotes online on Monday and Tuesday (5th and 6th October 2009)