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Hey amigo!
I am Tom Krcha, Gaming Evangelist at Adobe. These are my notes

Let’s celebrate! RTMP to be opened!

January 21st, 2009

This is a great day today. RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol) is to be opened by Adobe and specification is coming in first half of 2009 to the labs ( 

RTMP, as Ryan Stewart says, is backbone for multimedia apps in Flash and opening it drives Flash Platform to next dimension of possibilities, while you can implement your own solution upon it.

I am actually looking forward to see new server platforms coming and even clients (like C++ ones) operating on them and I expect more enterprises to go to Flash Platform while this will enable them to build on open technologies.

Thanks to the effort and incentive of Flash developers, this is the opening reason and opening RTMP will enable community to grow and build more exciting user experiences.

Looking forward to it and now I go to open a bottle of a champagne! :)

Hello and welcome! 2009 is here.

January 12th, 2009

I am just putting together our plans for next year. It’s going to be full of meetings, conferences all over the Europe - at the beginning Nordic countries, CZ, Spain and then we will see.

Flex in Education
I have already started a cooperation with few universities in Czech Republic for teaching Flex and related. If you are interested in teaching Flex - would be great to let me know, because this is the right time and lot of my energy will go this way now. Meetings
I am also putting lot of hopes to our user base managed by Viktor Bezděk ( This is something really great, so we can share our passion together / with a beer in front of us :)
More members we have - more help I can do for you. Let’s try to grow here, so I can invite my colleagues from other countries and they can come to us and do some interesting presentations - so you run your business/development better and better.

This Wednesday, we are having a meeting - so if you are here - just come, we would be happy - invitation - (in Czech only):

I am always looking forward to see you guys together - and I want to thank you for your effort with starting this group, blogging and project.

So let’s talk in Wednesday about your plans.

See you!