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3D car with a camera that follows it

May 16th, 2011

Ever wondered how to build a simple 3D car movement with camera that follows the car?
Let’s have a look at this tutorial, which uses Alternativa 3D 8 (Molehill).

Download Alternativa 3D 8.

This tutorial consist of these parts:
- move the car with keyboard controls
- follow the car with the camera

The final app will look like this:

(*requires Flash Player with Molehill)

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Videotutorial: Beginning with Alternativa 3D

May 10th, 2011

If you are beginning with 3D in Flash, this videotutorial might come handy. Enjoy!

Alternativa 3D is one the popular 3D engines for Flash.

Alternativa 3D Platform Engine and Flash

Also if you are looking for the text version of this tutorial - check First steps with 3D in Flash article.