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List of RTMP clients
control FMS remotely

August 24th, 2009

When building realtime applications, you would probably like to control Flash Media Server or LiveCycle DS remotely to push messages from 3rd party software.

RTMP client

The use-case is obvious, connecting two realtime/messaging services together. Imagine a pipe of messages on one side utilizing e.g. JMS (Java Message Service - and on the other side FMS, which is pushing this into Flash Player clients.

In most cases, connecting RTMP servers with 3rd party services might be very useful, so this is why I have created this list of RTMP clients…
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Top 10 Flash Media blogs and resources

August 13th, 2009

Want to stay alive with what’s happening in Flash Media Server world?

Flash Media Server Family

Make sure to add these blogs to your daily dose of useful tips and tricks.

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My MAX 2009 sessions
P2P & Multiscreen streaming

August 12th, 2009

It’s going to be huge this year - btw: have you already tried the
MAXar - Augmented Reality with Russel Brown and Ben Forta?
Go for it - it’s fun.

MAXar - Augmented Reality for MAX 2009

But back to my sessions:

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Play video while download in AIR (FileStream and ByteArray)

August 6th, 2009

Adobe Media Player (powered by AIR) has great progressive download cache functionality for video files - when you start watching a video it begins to download it to the disk, so you can watch it afterwards and don’t have to download it again.
Adobe Media Player Downloading Video

In other words, you can play videos, which are not completely downloaded. In this tutorial, we will show how to implement this in AIR.

Such functionality can be implemented using FileStream class (not using FileReference) as FileStream can write to some place on the disk without asking via dialog for location to save.

Play while dowloading video in AIR
Download and try final AIR app

I have created class, which you can easily reuse for this purpose.

continue reading for source and explanation…

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AFCS version 0.93, SDK Navigator and new logo

August 4th, 2009

Flash Collaboration Service got new update -> version 0.93 introducing new logo:

Adobe Flash Collaboration Service Logo

and comes with many useful features, highlights:

- Pure ActionScript 3.0 AFCS library (Flex-free, compiled 55 KB) for use in Flash CS4 or ActionScript projects
- updated WhiteBoardModel API, more flexibility with WhiteBoard component and shapes access
- SharedObject, for better migration of your FMS projects with full Roles and Permissions support
- plus many bug fixes and updated documentation also with section Tutorials
read Release notes for more specific information

Along with new SDK you get new AFCS SDK Navigator:
- AIR app for more comfortable and better development
- auto-update SDK, when there is new version
- includes video-tutorials

AFCS SDK Navigator

Also you maybe didn’t realize, but for clarification - AFCS SDK provides source-code, so if there is some component, which you would like to change to better fit your application - go ahead - mainly useful with visual ones.

Get it here: