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Dynamic Texts in Flash Movies
Lovely Fakes for Budweiser Budvar

September 24th, 2009

I love fakes. Especially when someone can make them so real that by first look you just trust them.

There is a world-known brewery in Czech Republic - Budweiser Budvar (Budvar at Wiki, Official page with 3D Flash) - who has already two dynamic ads.

The freshest one is here:
My City - watch now
Adobe Avenue Sign

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DRM in Flash Player and Adobe Flash Access 2.0

September 10th, 2009


Today - Adobe announced DRM (Digital Rights Management) in Flash Player together with new Flash Media Rights Management Server called now Flash Access 2.0.

This is great step in content protection in Flash Player. Currently DRM is available only in Adobe AIR. I can see big need for DRM in Flash Player for many streaming projects and content owners, especially in Europe rely on DRM.

Press Release
Flash Access 2.0 whitepaper
Stefan Richter’s blog post: DRM Capabilities To Be Added To Flash Player

My upcoming speeches and conferences

September 7th, 2009

In September and October I will be lucky to speak at following conferences and events. So if you are somewhere around, make sure to stop by:


Comics Salon - Bratislava, Slovakia - 11th September 2009 |
Together with massive Slovakia festival IstroCON expecting thousands of visitors this year, ComicsSalon is targeting comics, sci-fi, fantasy, anime, japanese culture and games.

RIA Summer Jam - Munich, Germany - 12th September 2009
Bunch of great guys from Germany is going to speak at this great Munich summer conference.
Speakers: and Agenda:

Adobe MAX - Los Angeles, USA - 4th-7th October 2009
Biggest annual Adobe event. I am having two sessions there on P2P and Multiscreen streaming video.
I have already wrote about MAX before. My sessions:

WebExpo 2009 - Prague, Czech Republic - 16th-18th October

This 3 day event is proclaimed to be biggest event in Central Europe focused on web technologies. My session will be on Realtime RIA apps and Adobe Flex 4:

Next to these conferences, I will be speaking at various schools, user group meetings and other ad-hoc conferences.

Hope to see you guys somewhere!

RTMFP - the future of realtime Flash apps

September 2nd, 2009

Video from Adobe MAX 2008 for everybody interested in RTMFP, P2P, Stratus and future possibilities. Year went by and you should really come to Adobe MAX 2009 and see the latest projects and sneak peeks ;-)

rtmfp future of communication by Matthew Kaufman


Btw: Make sure to see 00:39:00 minute about the future possibilities - Groups, Application-Level-Multicast and Directed Routing. Again - possibilities - come to MAX to talk with these people personally about the future of networking in Flash Player and do your best to shape the future with us.