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Video-on-Demand over P2P in Flash Player 10.1 with Object Replication

July 28th, 2010

In the previous tutorial File Sharing over P2P in Flash Player 10.1 with Object Replication we went through the Object Replication basics. And you can see that the Receiver is requesting packets one by one. That’s not suitable for the real world app, but it’s good for testing on a LAN to see the progress. In the real world app, you can immediately request all packets using NetGroup.addWantObjects(beginIndex, endIndex);.

Transferring VoD video over P2P

Let’s get something real with Object Replication. The use-case I like most is a Realtime P2P Distributed System for Video-on-Demand.
Video-on-Demand P2P Object Replication Scheme
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AS3-P2P-LIB and P2P Video Calls on Android

July 22nd, 2010

I am very happy that the community is getting more and more involved in P2P. I told you, it has endless possibilities! :)

AS3-P2P-LIB is a pure ActionScript 3.0 Library by Dominic Graefen that helps Flash developers get started with P2P easily.


All Classes | Example | Project page at GitHub

P2P Video Calls on Android

My fellow evangelist Mark Doherty built a great demo app using P2P and AIR 2.5 for Android. Watch this video, where he shows how it works. And btw: I should really teach him how to pronounce my name :) Mark, you are going to get a lesson at MAX 2010!

Check Mark’s blog post for further information.

File Sharing over P2P in Flash Player 10.1 with Object Replication

July 14th, 2010

Read also: Video-on-Demand over P2P in Flash Player 10.1 with Object Replication

Object Replication

Object Replication is the most lowest-level P2P access available in Flash Player 10.1 (followed by Multicast, Posting and Directed Routing). It basically enables you to send chunks of data between peers. Object Replication is the only P2P access method that guarantees that all data will be transferred to all receiving peers.



I’ve built this simple file sharing application, which basically loads a file and then you start sharing it. Open another client to start receiving the file.

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Interview with Chris Scott (Swiz Framework)

July 14th, 2010

Chris Scott (author of Swiz Framework) visited Prague and while here, he did a very nice presentation about Swiz at the Adobe User Group Meeting. We were lucky to have him here and before his UG session, we did a little interview.

Here it is (Watch on Vimeo):

Chris Scott of Swiz is coming to Prague

July 9th, 2010

Don’t miss the next Prague Adobe User Group Meeting on Tuesday 13th July 18:00-20:00.

I really recommend this meeting as it’s a great chance to meeting an independent ActionScript expert from USA, ask advanced questions and so on.

Chris Scott is an Enterprise Software Consultant in the Philadelphia area with over ten years of Java, ColdFusion, ActionScript and Flex experience as well as a strong interest in the implementation of open source solutions. Chris is the lead developer of the Swiz Framework and the ColdSpring Framework, including the first Aspect Oriented Programming framework for ColdFusion.

Address: Adobe Praha, Radlická 714/113a

More info in Czech at Viktor’s blog.

Meeting info at Adobe Groups