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Multicast Streaming in Flash Player 10.1 Tutorial

June 30th, 2010

Adobe Developer Connection presents:
Multicast Streaming in Flash Player 10.1

This video-tutorial shows how to build a simple Broadcaster/Receiver system with P2P Multicast in Flash Player 10.1 using NetStream and Camera classes.

Link to Adobe TV site

Download sample files

Learn more: Read Multicast Explained in Flash Player 10.1
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Build An App In A Week - Recordings
P2P and LCCS

June 15th, 2010

Last week, my colleagues at Adobe and I organized an online event called Build An App In A Week.

Watch The Recordings

The event was packed with resources for both RIA designers and developers and the goal was to build a complete full-featured app with various functionalities and challenges in just a week.

You can watch all the recordings here.

I was doing two of them - basically about developing multiuser apps, but the main goal was a chat feature inside the app.
One used pure P2P and Cirrus, the other one used LiveCycle Collaboration Service. It’s not just a simple chat application; I also explain how you can build an Instant Messenger, User Lists, Private Messaging, and so on.

P2P Session
Build An App In A Week - Peer-to-Peer

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Directed Routing Explained in Flash 10.1 P2P

June 4th, 2010

Directed Routing enables you to send data to a specific client in the peer-to-peer group (NetGroup). It requires stable and correct topology to work well - still it’s very useful.

There has been already something written about directed routing. But I’d like to share with you much more.

First, let me explain you which methods does what. You have basically three main functions sendToNearest, sendToNeighbor and sendToAllNeighbors. See image below.

P2P Directed Routing Flash 10.1 Peer-to-peer - Click for bigger image
Image: Peer-to-Peer Directed Routing in Flash Player 10.1 [Bigger image]

Continue reading to understand how it all works.
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Digit Podcast with Evangelist Tom Krcha

June 3rd, 2010

Last week - I was invited to join Open Coffee Meeting at Prague Starbucks and record a video podcast with Petr Mara and Honza Brezina. I’ve enjoyed it a lot, and by reading comments, people seem as well :)

It’s in Czech only - but still worth of linking for my Czech readers.

Direct link to Vimeo

Link to with discussion:
Digit #48 - Bleskově (rozuměj ve Flashi) s Tomem Krchou z Adobe