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Seminar Recording: Advanced P2P - Object Replication

August 30th, 2010

The recording of seminar I did on Friday 27th 2010.

It includes information mostly about Object Replication and how to start with it. I also explain my P2P VoD project.

Check it out here (42 min.)

Local Flash Peer-to-Peer Communication over LAN (without Cirrus/Stratus)

August 27th, 2010

native-ip-multicast-small Some of you guys were probably wondering how to establish P2P connections in the local network (LAN) without Adobe Cirrus. Yes. It’s possible. Using native IP-only multicast. Let’s build a simple chat with Posting. Adding Multicast broadcast is just a simple next step which I am sure you can accomplish by yourself with few hints from my article about Multicast

Open an IP Multicast connection. This can be done by specifying connection string as “rtmpf:”. Note, that this technique cannot be used for one-to-one communication. So no DIRECT_CONNECTIONS with NetStream, but you can do all RTMFP Group operations.


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Flash Summer Webinars This Week

August 22nd, 2010

Make sure you don’t miss following webinars this week prepared by Adobe Platform Evangelists. All of them will be live online using Screen Sharing technology via Adobe Connect Pro.

Especially if you are regular reader of my blog and interested in P2P, don’t miss Advanced P2P Programming on Friday - it will be summary of all my recent articles.

This week:

Next week:

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Screen Sharing Feature In Flash Now Available For Everyone!

August 18th, 2010

livecycle_collaboration_service_mnemonic_no_shadow I can’t even say how much I was looking forward to this blog post. It’s here! This feature of Flash Player and special screensharing add-in, which you might know from Adobe Connect Pro or Adobe ConnectNow is now available for every single Flash Platform developer through LiveCycle Collaboration Service. This is THE KILLER FEATURE everyone, who is developing collaborative apps, was waiting for.

And I am happy to say: The waiting is over! You can now grab it and implement it right inside of your applications!


Try demo
Publisher | Subscriber

See how it works at Vimeo.

Source code is available in samples folder, which comes with LCCS SDK Navigator.
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