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I am Tom Krcha, Gaming Evangelist at Adobe. These are my notes

Reminder: Another way for Adobe designers to save when attending Adobe MAX Milan

November 18th, 2008

Purchase Adobe(R) Creative Suite(R) 4 or any Adobe product and get 10% discount off if you attend Adobe MAX Milan.
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Life As An Evangelist website - stay updated!

November 15th, 2008

My friend and colleague Serge Jespers just launched new RSS Tweets aggregator - so you can stay up with ‘our lifes’ easily and see what’s going on at whole Adobe Platform Evangelism Team!

Go and never miss groovy things! :)

Workshop: Hewlett Packard goes Flex

November 13th, 2008

Yesterday I hold 6h hands-on workshop for HP Software Development Division in Prague. It’s been very interesting for me to go through the beginnings, concepts, useful tips and tricks, frameworks, common libraries, backends, protocols, data visualisation (graphs…), granularity, etc. 

About 15 HP Java experts has been involved and each of them had notebook with Flex Builder 3 and Blaze DS installed - so they were exploring and building examples right with me.

Looking forward to see upcoming HP apps in Flex!

This is great move in enterprise market in Czech Republic and hopefully we see more intranets and ERPs going to Flex very soon!

Get Inspired: Adobe MAX Milan - save €240 and try “Thermo” in action!!

November 12th, 2008

Have you been thinking about seeing our team in Milan - 1st-4th December 2008?

Adobe MAX Milan is a great opportunity to meet Adobe experts, regular speakers, well known evangelists and executives. See what’s really going on. Get in touch with latest technologies and get lot of valuable contacts, which helps you run your business more dynamic or just get inspired!

If you register until 14th November - you can save upto €240 on your ticket, when you use this registration code EEB856 as a regular reader of my blog.

I have two sessions there:
1) Breath AIR Into Your Brand
Adobe AIR allows companies to extend their branding to the desktop, where they can have a persistent connection to their users. This session will explain how to take your branding to a new level with AIR. We’ll cover new capabilities in Flash Player 10 (now in public beta on Adobe Labs) as well as support in Adobe AIR for custom windows, icons, notifications, install badges, and more.

2) Designing and Building Web Experiences in Flash CS4
This session will discuss in depth some of the expressive design and animation features of Flash CS4 Professional that give designers and developers amazing new capabilities to create compelling web experiences. Learn how to integrate 3D and video authoring into Flash CS4 Professional workflows and how to combine your content with other tools in Creative Suite 4.

“Thermo” in action

Guys from our team are going to show up Thermo and they will speak about trends of using it with Flex and other CS4 stuff - the integration is much much deeper and this is going to be the right productivity software for designers and graphics.

Make sure you don’t miss Ryan Stewart’s session - Introduction to Thermo and the Next Generation of Flex

You will be also able to try Mac version of Thermo on a workshop and discuss it with us. Getting really fast in it and understand the concept.

Meet us on place or at parties, there will be 4 days of concentrated knowledge, which we want to give you!

* Offer good for new Adobe MAX 2008 registrations only. Offer good for Adobe MAX Europe full event pass registration only. The offer applies to an Adobe MAX full event pass only (EUR€840). Offer cannot be combined with any other offer, package or registration code. Offer expires 11:59 pm PDT November 14, 2008. Terms and conditions for Adobe MAX registrations will also apply. Void where prohibited.

PS: If you miss the date just by few days - e-mail me, I see what I can do for getting you there cheaper.

Flex Camp ‘Triangle’ Vienna

November 11th, 2008

In my eyes this event was just stunning. Thanks to guys from AlpenFlash User Group Christoph Atteneder and Florian Landerl and David Höller from we pushed the level of event much higher than we expected. All the glory to Dieter Hovorka, who organized whole event and put lot of effort to it!

There were three events all over the Europe in same time - Hamburg, Bucharest, Vienna - thus it was called Flex Triangle.

The attendees were mainly experienced guys from visionary teams in Siemens,, Red Bull and lot of small companies doing great stuff already. I was suprised by the perfect flex experience of audience. So thanks to guys from AlpenFlash we pushed the level of presentations much higher and they mentioned and showed lot of advanced useful Frameworks, Design patterns and Programmatic skinning tricks. We were more in concepts and inspiration than in code and the flow of presentations was dynamic.

I got two presentations - Backend and AIR. In the backend I mentioned the current possibilies and then I slightly moved to BlazeDS and then switched to case studies - what I built on BlazeDS - and people liked how I connected SMS Gateway, mobile phones, BlazeDS, Flex clients and TV Crawl strip together to have Satellite TV running. This pushed the later discussions much more forward during the networking. Finally I had a surprise, I’ve been talking about P2P possibilities in FP10 and about new protocol RTMFP.

Hopefully I get some time in the future to explain you how to connect SMS Gateway and all this stuff together using Blaze DS and Flex.

We’ve got positive feedback from attendees:

“FlexCamp war sensationell!”

“War ein super event. danke auch an alle und besonders an dieter fĂĽr die organisation, etc.! hoffe das es bald wieder ein treff gibt!”

“War eine coole Veranstaltung gestern! Hoffe es gibt in Zukunft noch mehr solche Events! Danke auch fĂĽr den super Vortrag!”

So hopefully we meet each other soon and discuss more advanced topics like clustering and origin/edge architecture. Stay tuned and be sure to watch my calendar.

Check out our photos - go flickr link:

[flickr album=72157608877583584 num=30 size=Square]

I like our community - creative intelligent freaks with groundbreaking ideas!! Let’s rock on!


Download my Backend presentation as PDF