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Call a mobile phone from Flash. SIP calls using Flash Media Gateway

October 27th, 2010

Great times are coming my friends. Flash Media Gateway is a server from Adobe, which enables you to do VoIP calls from your Flash Player.

What it means?

You can basically call mobile phones or telephone over internet or even way back.

Now, isn’t that amazing? And it supports a video calling as well! :)


The way it works is that Flash Player connects to Flash Media Server, which connects to Flash Media Gateway, which connects to SIP network and then call ends up in a classic telephone.

Say hooray!

And check Adobe Labs page for more info:

List of RTMP clients
control FMS remotely

August 24th, 2009

When building realtime applications, you would probably like to control Flash Media Server or LiveCycle DS remotely to push messages from 3rd party software.

RTMP client

The use-case is obvious, connecting two realtime/messaging services together. Imagine a pipe of messages on one side utilizing e.g. JMS (Java Message Service - and on the other side FMS, which is pushing this into Flash Player clients.

In most cases, connecting RTMP servers with 3rd party services might be very useful, so this is why I have created this list of RTMP clients…
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