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I am Tom Krcha, Gaming Evangelist at Adobe. These are my notes

Build An App In A Week - Recordings
P2P and LCCS

June 15th, 2010

Last week, my colleagues at Adobe and I organized an online event called Build An App In A Week.

Watch The Recordings

The event was packed with resources for both RIA designers and developers and the goal was to build a complete full-featured app with various functionalities and challenges in just a week.

You can watch all the recordings here.

I was doing two of them - basically about developing multiuser apps, but the main goal was a chat feature inside the app.
One used pure P2P and Cirrus, the other one used LiveCycle Collaboration Service. It’s not just a simple chat application; I also explain how you can build an Instant Messenger, User Lists, Private Messaging, and so on.

P2P Session
Build An App In A Week - Peer-to-Peer

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AFCS Roles and Permissions and more video tutorials

August 3rd, 2009

Nigel Pegg - architect of Adobe Flash Collaboration Service did few more very interesting video-tutorials, which might be very handful for you.

AFCS Roles and Permissions (highly recommended!)

AFCS Building Shared Models

Also my fellow Ryan Stewart wrote few more AFCS tutorials - check it out here:
A Week of Flash Collaboration: Shared Models and Collection Nodes

Go ahead and have fun!

Custom Messaging with AFCS (CollectionNode)

June 22nd, 2009

This videotutorial explains how to use Custom Messaging using CollectionNode with Adobe Flash Collaboration Service. This is basically one of the most important realtime messaging features in AFCS.

Custom Messaging (Collection Node) with AFCS

Demo application:



Private messaging tip:
See recipientID of MessageItem Class. You can get all recipientIDs from session.userManager.userCollection.

Basics of P2P in Flash

May 31st, 2009

This videotutorial explains the basics of working with P2P (peer to peer) in Flash Player 10.

I made this tutorial with focus on simplicity of this fantastic feature of Flash. There are bunch of articles and examples in the world showing how to create your own P2P app, but most of them are very complex or hard to catch.

In this tutorial you’ll get idea how to connect two different peers and exchange data between them with ActionScript 3.0 and Flex only.

- familiarity with ActionScript 3 and Flex Framework
- Flash Player 10 Debug version installed download
- Flex Framework 3.3+ download

P2P in Flash

Videotutorial: (20 min.) 
Try: P2P demo (run in two browsers, explained in video)
Source: download

Note: Programatically the main P2P logic is not to connect peers together just via NetConnection, but by defining peerIDs to NetStream.
PS: don’t forget to change your Flex Compiler settings to use Flash Player 10
Btw: nice P2P Mill Game done by my friend Pavel Šimek 

Good Luck!

External Authentication with AFCS

May 12th, 2009

This videotutorial takes Adobe Flash Collaboration Service to the next level. By enabling custom login or external authentication makes your AFCS applications far more useful in your own systems. So you don’t need to use credentials to access your app, but you can use your own user database or LDAP service to check login details and then grant users different rights/roles.

- Understand Zend_AMF and PHP basics - see videotutorial (by Lee Brimelow)
- Running PHP server with Zend Framework
- afcs.php - part of AFCS SDK (extras/scripts/afcs.php)

Duration: 12:40


Source: (Flex and PHP)