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I am Tom Krcha, Gaming Evangelist at Adobe. These are my notes

Future of RIA, Prague - Final Agenda

May 19th, 2009

Official and final agenda of Future of RIA in Prague, Thursday 21st May 2009.

Start Stop Runtime Topic Speaker
9:30 09:35 00:05 Introduction Tom Krcha, Adobe
9:35 10:35 01:00 Keynote: Platform Overview, Future of RIA and technologies in Adobe Ben Forta, Adobe
10:35 11:00 00:25 World Successful Flash projects Michal MetliÄŤka, Adobe
11:00 12:00 01:00 Creating Realtime Social Apps

(Adobe Flash Collaboration Service, Facebook API)

Tom Krcha, Adobe
12:00 12:45 00:45 Break  
12:45 13:15 00:30 Keynote 2: Enterprise apps built on Adobe technologies Ben Forta, Adobe
13:15 13:40 00:25 Partner projects: 3D textures in Photoshop for SecondLife Pavel Řehulek,
13:40 14:10 00:30 What’s new in CS4 Michal MetliÄŤka, Adobe
14:10 14:40 00:30 Alchemy - Extending Flash Player 10 with C++ Vojtěch Kopal,
14:40 14:55 00:15 Break  
14:55 15:35 00:40 Webdeveloper workflow - Fireworks, Dreaweaver Stanislav Szkandera,
15:35 15:50 00:15 Partner projects: Enterprise Flex+SOA in Hewlett Packard Robert Macháček + Jan Trčka, HP
15:50 16:20 00:30 Introduction to ColdFusion Tomáš Tegelhoff,

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