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I am Tom Krcha, Gaming Evangelist at Adobe. These are my notes

The most simple P2P Object Replication Example

September 16th, 2010

Here you can download the simplest P2P Object Replication example, which is easy to understand. Previous examples might have been too complicated to start with. Grab this code and start using it right the way.

Download source
Try demo - open in two or more windows. Click “startProviding” button on one of them and “startReceiving” on the rest of the windows. You can then click “writeObject” to check the received object on the receiver windows.

Good Luck!


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Flash Media Server 4 released at IBC

September 9th, 2010

Hello from Amsterdam! We have just launched the new version of Flash Media Server at IBC conference in three different versions: Streaming, Interactive and Enterprise. See comparison matrix (help me choose).


The features I am personally most excited about are:

- 64-bit support which brings tremendous streaming power!

- P2P/RTMFP support with server-side API, you get the same access to P2P network like Flash Player client, plus you can create a stable point from the server, very useful for distributed objects and databases. Next to that, you don’t need to use Adobe Stratus rendezvous-server and you can start building your own commercial P2P apps.

- Multicast support - stream multicast in H.264/on2 VP6 right from the Flash Media Live Encoder as well as control and manage multicast streams from the server. This also brings new possibilities to IP only multicast and multicast fusion (combination of application-level multicast and IP-only multicast).

- CentOS support

- Absolute timecode - to sync audio and video from different channels + combined with multibitrate streaming

- HTTP streaming - new delivery choice

and more…

Check Flash Media Server homepage for more details.

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Kevin Towes-launch fms4 - IBC 2010
Photo: Kevin Towes launching Flash Media Server 4 at IBC 2010