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Hey amigo!
I am Tom Krcha, Gaming Evangelist at Adobe. These are my notes switching from Windows Media to Flash Media Servers - Exposed!

February 6th, 2009

Last couple of months I’ve been concentrating next to all the other things on (in fact the biggest news company in Czech Republic). According to market trends, they’ve decided to go forward in video streaming on all of their sites (as they’ve stated in the interview) and asked me if I can help them to bring the most outstanding Flash Video Player to achieve their goals.

My vision was to build Video Player based on Flex, which is actually something really not common, while Flex generates big SWF files, it’s not lightweight and it needs Flash Player 9 … on the other side - it’s enterprise solution - team cooperation (SVN), Flex Builder programming, layout support and you can also easily skin it and lot of other pluses.

After all of discussions about pros and cons, the company decided to use Flex, Flash Media Servers (video codec: H.264) and I’ve realized that this is going to be stunning!

Flex => Flash Player 9 => H.264 + AS 3.0 => cool!

And now I am going to tell you why this project is really important for the developers in Czech Republic:
(FYI: since is big, all comes big)

  • rapid growth of Flash Player 9.0.115 penetration (AS 3.0 + H.264 video support)
    (So now every developer in CZ can count on this and you guys tell your customers that AS 2.0 is not the right way)
  • Flex is fat, so I’ve used Runtime Shared Library (RSL) [version - get it here]
    (I propose you to use same as this one will probably get nearly 100% penetration very very soon here and you can now tell your customers that the size is not the problem of Flex apps in our region if you correctly explain RSL pros to them - so GO AHEAD! and use the same version as me. This is actually the version we’ve decided to use across all projects of User Group for upcoming period and this library also supports P2P and lot of great stuff)


Flex Video Player Screenshot

Flex Video Player Screenshot


My advice for convincing your clients to use Flex is simple:

  • As Czech Republic is small, we can control our activities among us in user group (for instance:
  • To use one Flex SDK using RSL for certain period of time (now version will get sufficient penetration)
  • => even small widgets and video players or plug-ins can be written in Flex though

Also many thanks to Robin Raszka (YellowMedia) for helping me out with styling and robust skinning of the player using CSS.

Good Luck folks and looking forward to see new tiny Flex apps coming up.

Interview and start-up article of Video Player (Czech only):